Thursday, 8 August 2013

3 Reasons to Switch to a Responsive Web Design

A few decades ago, optimization for website designers meant creating webpages that could function in any browser. Today, optimization means creating pages that can fit any device. This can be done through responsive web design (RWD). Although RWD seems expensive and time-consuming, the best Oxford website design companies believe it has numerous advantages.

Cost Cutting

Many people think that responsive web design is too expensive, especially for start-up businesses. However, RWD can actually help businesses cut costs.
It is common practice for business owners to develop mobile versions of their conventional websites. Unfortunately, creating a “desktop version” and a “mobile version” can be more costly in terms of upkeep. It also takes more time to update two versions of a website, and lost time equates to lost money.
Instead of maintaining duplicate versions of a website, it makes sense to just pay for a single version that fits all screen sizes and resolutions.

Positive User Experience

People choose data plans because they want to browse the web while on the go. This means it is imperative for websites to function on mobile devices just as well as on desktops. To do this, web designers create mobile versions of their site.
In creating mobile versions, many web designers are forced to limit content and lower resolutions to cater to smaller screens. Unfortunately, missing content and image distortion may equate to a negative user experience.
By using RWD, people responsible for web development London can prevent the loss of information because websites adjust automatically. This ensures a consistent and positive experience for users.

Better SEO

Search engines now recommend the use of RWD over multiple website versions in terms of SEO. That’s because having a single webpage for all types of devices makes web address sharing faster and simpler. It also makes link building easier because there are no complicated redirects and misdirected links to worry about.
Businesses need to face facts that within 5 years or less, mobile web browsing will take over conventional browsing methods. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in Oxford website design that can adapt to different mobile screens.


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