Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How to Increase Web Traffic through Web Design

It is quite frustrating that no matter how many internet users are online daily, you still don’t get to see much traffic in your website. While some would hire SEO experts from a professional website design London team to improve their traffic, you should know that how your website looks is also a qualifying factor why your customers can’t locate you. There are three types of customers you need to be familiar with in order to increase your traffic.

The first type of shopper you need to consider when designing your website is the power shoppers. Power shoppers are those who are ready to purchase but usually lack the patience to spend so much time navigating your website. These are customers who know exactly what they are looking for and are ready to enter their credit card details once they found their product. In order for you not to lose this type of customers, remind your web development London expert to create a search bar that will allow them to search what they need and help them purchase it right away. The recreational yet impulsive shoppers are those who can patiently peruse your website and compare your products with the others even if it takes them the whole day. Though this type of shopper is usually those who easily jump out of the shipping page, they are also the ones who have great tendencies to shop impulsively. With unbeatable deals illustrated through high quality photography, this type of customers might as well help you reach your daily sales quota. The last type of shopper you need to consider, the reluctant shoppers, is the most difficult to please but once they get comfortable with your website, chances are they will also purchase with you. One way to persuade this type of customer to purchase a product from you is to provide them a dedicated FAQ page that will guide them through the entire process.
If you can come up with a web design London strategy that will get you to all these customers, make sure you do to make your site a success.


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